Major Life Change

Daphne A.
Burbank, CA

I have always been an active, sports-oriented person who played both volleyball and softball throughout my high school years. It was not until a few years after I graduated when i realized eating anything and everything without exercising will result to a very rapid weight gain. 9 years later (2013) , with on going bad eating habits and no exercise, I have become 50 lbs. over weight.

I knew i needed to make some major changes in my life. I love food and I love to cook. I was not thrilled about dieting and definitely did not look forward to eating ‘bland foods’. Then that’s when it all changed when I tried my first Freshology meal. I was amazed by how fresh it tasted. It was very flavorful, with just the right portions of protein, carbs and veggies and still fully satisfying at the same time. With Freshology, taste and quality are not sacrificed.

Everything else fell into place from then on out. I realized that the most effective way to lose weight has to first start with eating right and Freshology. That was the most important part, and then regularly exercising or working out became second. It all became a habit in no time. It all became a part of my regular routine instead of feeling like a chore.

Freshology foods/meals have made my journey to weight loss easier than I ever thought possible. It also inspired me to continue what I love to do which is cooking, by being mindful of the ingredients I use, checking nutrition facts and always looking for healthier alternatives.

This is only the beginning. I am motivated and dedicated to keep this healthier lifestyle especially with all the positive feedback and support from family and friends. And for all those I inspired to start their own journeys to lose weight and live healthier after seeing my transformation.

Freshology has helped me tremendously with being good to my body, by helping myself get healthier and eventually bringing myself back to being active again. Thanks Freshology, It has been an awesome journey and I’m still moving forward!

Eating right is 70% of the battle

Edwy B.
Burbank, CA

There were many reasons why I decided to change up my lifestyle. After the New Year, I reflected back on the past 10 years of my life, and I had one goal in mind that I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30 years old. I wanted to get healthy and fit. At the time, I really believed that if I focused on my health everything else in my life would fall in place. To accomplish my goal, I needed to diet and workout.

The most important part of this process was to eat healthier. Then I began to realize what an awesome opportunity this was considering I was already working for Freshology, a healthy meal delivery company, therefore all the resources were available for me to succeed. I started to eat our meals for breakfast and lunch on a consistent basis. When I was at home for dinner, I would try to reproduce similar meals as the Freshology meals. I made sure each meal was portioned and carb controlled using lean proteins and complex carbs. I also decided to work out every day whether I liked it or not to make it into a habit. If I can put aside time to take a shower every day, then that means I should be able to make time for the fitness aspect of it. It still is about the food that you take in and that is 70% of all the work and then fitness is 30%.

Freshology made it easy because all the meals tasted so good and I did not feel like I was giving up taste to accomplish what I had set out to do. It was also easy because all the meals were portion controlled and the fact that all the proteins were all-natural was very important on my journey to get healthy. It was a challenge to choose healthier alternatives when going out to eat with friends and family. Working out was also difficult because my body wasn’t used to it in the beginning. As soon as my body adjusted to exercising every day, I started to enjoy it more and more. The toughest part of the whole process was to make eating healthy and working out a habit. Once it became part of my everyday routine, it felt like less of a chore.

I began to notice changes once my clothes started to look bigger and bigger on me. In the beginning, I weighed in at 205 lbs. After 3 months I was 175lbs, and after 6 months I ended up at around 160lbs. I went from a size 36, to a size 34, and now to a size 30 to 32. I also noticed that I was more active, and I had much more energy during the day. I went from watching 2-3 hours of television each day and now using that time to prepare my meals and working out every day.

The good thing about practicing to eat healthier is that there are always foods you can substitute. I began to eat wheat bread instead of white and brown rice instead of white. When I would purchase any type of food, I would always make sure the sugar content and fats were low. For breakfast, pancakes are my favorite. I found pancakes that were whole grain were lower in calories, in fat, and in sugar. Choosing the right food and ingredients started to really make a difference. I started to become more and more conscious about the type of foods I was buying. Choosing the better options gave me peace of mind that I was going to succeed no matter what.

Working out at the gym was not a problem, but actually getting up and driving to the gym was challenging. I would always tell myself, if I’m going to lose weight and get fit, it has to be a combination of exercising and eating healthier. I noticed when I would get home from a long day at work that if I sat down on the couch or lay on my bed it was harder for me to get up and go to the gym. Lounging and relaxing after work felt like I was setting myself up for failure, so from there on I would get home and the first thing I would do is change into my gym clothes. This gave me the mindset that I was going to work out no matter what. I started to plan out my days, when I would eat and when I would go to the gym. Scheduling my days is something I would never do before. Eventually it all became routine.

Motivation and staying positive was the key to my success. I started to receive positive feedback from family, friends, and Freshology coworkers. I also began to follow fitness coaches on Instagram. I learned many tips to maximize my workouts. I then became more active with my own Instagram posts. I would post pictures of the food I ate, and post pictures of my progress. I received a great amount of feedback from the “before and after picture” that I posted. Many of the comments were very encouraging. Many people were inspired, and they would say how amazing the transformation was. All this positive reinforcement kept me motivated to keep going, and now I started to feel like I was impacting the lives of the people close to me. I felt more confident in all aspects of my life. This whole experience with Freshology taught me that it is never too late to change, and never to late to accomplish any goal. Striving to better myself, and challenge myself to reach my potential is all the motivation I needed.

Fuel My Body

Christopher G.
Los Angeles, CA

I’m a health-nut.. I workout everyday.. and I don’t believe in days off.. Meals are the most important part of any fitness program. However, work and a planned kitchen remodel gave me the opportunity to try prepared meals out.. I researched and found Freshology to be the perfect balance of portion size and protein to carb-ratio that I prefer for myself. I’m not looking to loose weight but rather fuel my body.

I’m only on week one.. so stay tuned to more postings as we continue, but the product showed up on time and the meals were better then i was expecting and certainly better then what i would have prepared myself..

Live shredded and eat right.. more to come.

5 Stars

Matt C.
Flower Mound, TX

I’ve been doing Freshology for 2 weeks now and couldn’t be happier. I’ve never truly been on a diet or anything like this before because I believe most diets are unsustainable over the long haul. This is different, these meals are glycemically balanced and all natural; exactly what I was looking for. Plus the fact that the meals are delivered to your door and labeled for you takes all the guess work out of what healthy food you are going to eat each day.

Just to be clear, this is not diet food, it is healthy eating with portion control (pretty generous portions too). I am a runner and need all the nutrients I can get to take with me on my runs. So far I have lost 5 pounds and I haven’t even changed my running routine, not too shabby! I am a huge fan of all the breakfast meals. Omelets, thick cut turkey bacon, real muffins, and homemade granola and yogurt, what’s not to like? Also I LOVE all the snacks you get in between meals (well done Freshology).

Anyway, sorry for the incoherence of my post. I give Freshology a well deserved 5 star rating for the fact that they have the right idea when it comes to eating right and eating healthy. This is not another gimmick “lose 15 pounds in two days” diet program, this is healthy eating for a sustainable lifestyle.


Chazz M.
New Rochelle, NY

Wow!! Seriously….you guys are doing everything right! From the way it was packaged to the instructions on how to re-heat and serve…… The meals were better then good, they were fantastic!! Anything I didn’t eat (Salad mostly) My wife ate and loved!! We shared many of the entrees and were so impressed with the quality of the, Fruit & Veggies, Meat & Fish and especially the combination of flavors!! The snacks were also amazing!! The portions are also just right….I’ve been satisfied after every meal…..and I feel strong when I’m training!! I’m on day 5 of the GetSlim program and it’s working!!!

I am on week 3 of the GetSlim program and have lost 8 lbs of Fat & put on some serious Muscle! It appears as if I’ve lost more but I believe my training has attributed to the muscle gain. I have lots of energy during my workouts which I am sure has lots to do with the meal plan……. The meals continue to satisfy my hunger & palette…….. The fact that nothing is frozen (Hence Freshology) is the best part of the meal experience :~)

Today I ordered another 28 days of fresh meals because this plan works for me.
I mentioned that one of of the desserts in my last delivery was smooshed and they gave me a whole week of desserts for free. I can’t eat them all at once, but that was really nice. The smores and the carrot bunt cake are great. My holiday treat to myself.

Loving The Convenience

Jacquelyn W.
Laguna Beach, CA

Absolutely wonderful!! My husband and I have been using Freshology for the last  8 months.  It is such a blessing!!

The amount of time I save on not having to go to the grocery store, then preparing, then cooking is unbelievable. With Freshology, we wake up in the morning and WALA! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, and Dessert is there for us!!! Another added benefit with the meals being calorie portioned I have lost a total of 15lbs!!!

I have nothing but great things to say about Freshology and Karina!!

Packed with Flavor

Renee L.
New York, NY

This was one of the best things I ever did. Not only was the food great but I lost weight. I did Freshlite and the pounds melted away. In fact, I usually never even finished the whole days supply. The great thing about Freshology was the quality of the food. I never felt like the food was diet. The menu varied from steak to fish and they really packed in the flavor. They also deliver so you don’t have to grocery shop which I dread. Thumbs up.

Just Do It!

Tara P.
Simi Valley, CA

I recently tried Freshology and I have to say, I was really impressed with the service as well as the food. The meals were left neatly and carefully on my front porch, in a high quality padded bag that kept things nice and fresh. Beyond that, each meal came individually sealed (air-tight), so I didn’t have to worry about eating everything right away. It did just fine up to several days in the fridge.

I hate admitting this, but the desserts were by far my favorite. They were amazing! Not too big, not too small. But the rest of the meals were great too. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and even the snacks. For me, it was more about convenience than calorie counting. But I can see how it would work for anyone trying to eat healthier and lose weight. Especially baby weight!

As a busy working mom, I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Freshology. Sadly, my first run has come to an end, but I will definitely use them again in the near future. :-) Just do it!

The Food Has Arrived


As a physician, I tell patients about diet and exercise everyday- yet often found myself wishing to practice what I preached.  Taking care many things including a busy home life, full time job and 2 kids  ( 3.5 and 8 months) isn’t easy and often I took a back seat to that, when i stumbled upon Freshology in August 2012. I started the last week, and have been going strong til now- losing over 25lbs eating healthy balanced meals. I cannot rave about this program more to all my friends and family.  My three year old loves to let us know that “the food has arrived” and is just as eager as my husband and I to open and discover what amazing meal is on the menu for tomorrow. ( feels like Christmas morning !) Thank you Freshology- !!! Keep up to quality work and excellent customer service while providing amazing healthy meals!!!

My Philosophy

Michelle B
Studio City, CA.

My philosophy about food is that if it doesn’t taste great and isn’t fresh, and of the highest quality, it isn’t worth eating.

Unfortunately, the reality of life as a busy mom reduces this ideal, at times, to almost laughable– until I discovered Freshology. The food is so rich, delicious and satisfying that every meal feels like I’ve taken a break from the “mom grind” and dined at a gourmet restaurant. And, the added bonus? Since beginning Freshology the extra pounds I’ve been wrestling with for what seems like forever, amazingly, began to melt away! After every meal, I find myself asking the same question: “How can a calorie controlled program– that tastes so good and feel so effortless– work this well? Honestly, along with the cell phone and the microwave, Freshology has earned a spot on the list of things I can’t imagine my life without!